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woman shopping online on laptop holding a credit card

How to Improve Your Credit Score at Any Age

Take charge of your credit score.
Rain droplets collect on a car windshield.

How to Prepare for a Flood

Safety measures and other tips for preventing and surviving water-related disasters.
a woman's hands unzip her black wallet as she goes to remove her ID

How to Get a Real ID

What you need to know about the new requirements going into effect on May 7, 2025.
A light dusting of snow surrounds a suburban home at sunset.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Storms

Severe weather may be on the way—is your home ready?
a woman packs a parcel to ship in the mail.

How to Mail Holiday Gifts

Before you wrap and ship, check out these tips to help your packages arrive safely and on time.
A mother and son make snow angles in winter coats.

How to Have Fun Outside All Winter Long

Don't let cold temperatures, rain, wind, or snow keep you inside this season.
a smiling couple puts their Christmas tree into their hatchback vehicle with snow blowing outside

How to Secure Your Christmas Tree to Your Car

Tips for getting your fresh tree home safely.
three packages stacked on mat at doorstep

Protect Your Home When You're Away

Leaving town for a few days (or weeks)? Make sure your home is ready.
Greenery, candles, and flowers on a holiday table with rose gold silverware

How to Set the Perfect Table for Any Holiday or Occasion

Guests on the way? Here’s a simple formula to make setting a proper table a cinch—any time of year.
a black man uses a credit card to purchase something on his phone with coffee cup in foreground

7 Savvy Online Shopping Safety Tips

Strategies to keep your financial data safe during the holiday shopping season and beyond.
A couple warm their feet in front of a fire.

6 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Find calm while you prepare for the holidays with this simple checklist.
Cars drive on a road surrounded by a dusting of snow.

11 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Follow these tips to ensure you’re ready for any weather Old Man Winter has in store.
shingled house exterior with exterior and interior security lights on

How to Secure Your Home

Want to protect your house from intruders? Here are 16 ways to do it.
line of traffic on a city road.

When to Use Hand and Turn Signals

Road safety gestures keep drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists safe—and ticket-free.
baby wearing romper seated on sofa reaches over to touch small potted Christmas tree placed on stool

How to Stay Safe at Home During the Holidays

Before you decorate, prep your space to avoid common seasonal hazards.