President’s Letter: Appreciating Our Vibrant Communities

As spring approaches, we’re feeling grateful for the beautiful places we call home.

March/April 2022 Issue

In my own journeys around the communities our Club serves, I’m always in awe of just how different—and uniquely inviting—each and every one of them is. For those places I have yet to visit in person, I have Via magazine to lean on to offer smart and interesting perspectives.

Take, for example, the largest city in California’s Central Valley—Fresno. I’ve been there, and I can tell you from firsthand knowledge that visiting Fresno any time of year, but especially in spring, is delightful. We’re also covering a wide array of other destinations you’ll find in the states that we serve, including a sampling of the best places to road-trip through the California Sierra foothills and the unexpected adventures that await when Yellowstone National Park is closed to traffic. As springtime affords us more daylight hours and warmer weather, getting out and about in the communities where we live and work is important—especially given how cooped up most of us have been feeling over the past two years.

Speaking of the past two years, the pandemic has certainly put us all through our paces. I’ve witnessed across our communities, and within the Members that we serve, a steadfast resiliency, an ability to adapt to the changing landscape around us. I’ve also seen it, time and time again, in the AAA Team Members who serve you. We’re here for you out on the road; in and around your home; and in our branches and call center.

That resilience has been put to the test these past two years, and will continue to be tested throughout 2022. Despite the challenges, our team strives to increase the value of our Membership and do whatever we can to continue to make AAA the Membership you keep for life.

I said it last issue and want to repeat it here: There really is more to AAA than you might think, and I encourage you to take the time to learn all the ways you can benefit from your Membership. From taking advantage of our home security and home insurance; to auto insurance and auto repair services; to exclusive discounts and rewarding in-branch offerings (like travel, motor vehicle registration, and notary), and so much more. I invite you to visit a branch or visit us online to learn more.

Until the next issue, please stay safe wherever the road of life leads you, and thank you for being a Member of AAA. We appreciate it, and you.

Tim Condon

President & CEO

Tim Condon AAA Signature