A family rides a Las Vegas Rail Explorers rail bike.

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March/April 2022
Grand Canyon Railway train station on a snowy winter day at Grand Canyon Village, Arizona.

6 Low-Cost, Sustainable Gardening Tips

Save money and the planet by making informed maintenance choices.

A couple ride a railbike from the Mendocino Skunk Train.

Pedal the Railroads of the West

Traverse breathtaking scenery and explore historic terrain on a railbike adventure.

A man replaces a light bulb in a pendant light.

Home Electrical Safety Basics

As we flip a switch or push a button, it can be easy to forget that electricity can also cause shocks, electrocution, and fires. Here's how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

A young man looks under the hood of his car.

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Car

During spring, rats and squirrels seek out quiet, tucked-away places (behind your car’s battery, say?) to birth their young. And in winter, when temperatures drop, animals might seek warmth and shelter in your engine compartment, or in the ducting beneath the dashboard.

Flowering trees on the Fresno Bloom Trail.

A Weekend in Fresno, California

Long considered a stop on the way to Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks, California’s fifth-largest city is now a destination of its own, thanks to an influx of young entrepreneurs and creative types.

A bison and her calf forage in Yellowstone National Park in spring.

Yellowstone National Park in Spring

When the snow begins to melt in March and April, before the crowds descend on the iconic park, its 2.2 million acres become a muddy paradise for adventurous travelers who are willing to leave their cars behind.

Sutter Creek, California Main Street in the Sierra Foothills.

Sierra Nevada Day Trips

Several major roads snake through the Sierra Nevada foothills, delivering skiers and plastic-saucer-toting kids to mountain resorts from Tahoe to Yosemite. But why not extend the journey for more alpine adventures? Here are a few towns worth a detour.

Water lilies bloom on a pond in front of the Filoli historic house.

Favorite Gardens in the West

Hydrangeas, tulips, roses, and more bountiful blooms greet visitors at these eight gardens.

A couple look at a new car with a sales person.

Should You Buy or Lease a Car?

Thinking about a new car? While financing decisions are as uniquely personal as the purchasers themselves, buying usually beats leasing—even if you have to take out a loan. And that’s especially true in 2022.

A car drives past blooming orchards in Fresno, California.

President’s Letter: Appreciating Our Vibrant Communities

As spring approaches, we’re feeling grateful for the wondrous places we call home.

A stream cuts through Logan Pass in Montana's Glacier National Park in early summer.

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