Readers’ Favorite Places for Pie

Great pie, any way you slice it.

Pie at Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar in Healdsburg, California, picture
Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar in Healdsburg, California.
Melissa Atle/Sunnyside Creative Co.

“The pies at Noble Folk in Healdsburg, California, have crusts made with locally grown durum wheat, fruits from area farms, and ingenious herb and spice combos. Add a scoop of the inventive Japanese flavors of ice cream.” —Pat Abercrombie

“Try the seasonal morel pie at the MarKum Inn in Mt. Angel, Oregon; the mushrooms are harvested as early as April. It’s earthy and creamy, and it melts in your mouth with a morel taste that’s a rare treat.” —Melanie Pitman

“Visit Ikeda’s Market along I-80 in Auburn, California, for thick, juicy pies bursting with flavor. The shop serves them whole or by the slice. I can recommend a fresh Dungeness crab sandwich and a slice of marionberry cobbler pie.” —Ryan Ronco

“Head to Pie-O-Neer Pies in Pie Town, New Mexico, between Quemado and Datil on U.S. Highway 60. All they do is pie. The town developed in the 1920s, serving pies to the masses driving to California and other points west.” —Barbara Weist

Petaluma Pie Company in Petaluma, California, bakes a great assortment of sweet and savory classics such as apple and strawberry-rhubarb, plus Cornish pasties. They get creative with pear-ginger-cardamom and mushroom-Gouda pies.” —Nick Diehl

“When visiting Slice of Humboldt Pie in Arcata, California, try the potpies and the empanadas such as pulled pork with green chile or turkey with Asiago cheese. Finish off with a sweet pie: peanut butter–fudge or salted caramel–apple. Pie on pie, it doesn't get better than that.” —George Haas

Okinawan sweet potato haupia pie at Ohana Hawaiian Café, picture

Okinawan sweet potato haupia pie at Ohana Hawaiian Café.

Robbie McClaran

“The best pie I've ever tasted is at Ohana Hawaiian Café (locations in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon). All the desserts are amazing, but nothing compares to the purple Okinawan sweet potato haupia pie. It's either a blessing or a curse to live less than five miles away. It’s hard to show any self-control when you see it in the case as you walk in the front door!” —Janelle Centers


“Without a doubt, the tastiest pie in the West can be found at Beckie’s Cafe in Union Creek, Oregon. We plan an annual after–Labor Day trip for its famous huckleberry pie. If we end up going after huckleberry season, the marionberry pie is almost as awesome.” —Karry Brown

“To find the best pie in southwest Idaho, head to The Orchard House in Caldwell. Working in the middle of the orchards of Sunny Slope and the Snake River Valley wine region, the two sisters who own and operate it take full advantage of the local bounty. My favorite is their triple coconut cream.” —Gayla Hine

“People trek to Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero, California, for the olallieberry pie. The berry is grown locally and tastes like a mix between a blackberry and a raspberry. I'll drive 90 minutes just to get a slice.” —Alyssa Izen

“Here in Sonoma County, California, our best pies come from Mom’s Apple Pie, a quaint shop run by the original owner, Betty Carr. Her apple pie is scrumptious. She also makes local blueberry and strawberry-rhubarb pies.” —Barbara James

Rock Springs Café, north of Phoenix at Black Canyon City, has the best pies. We’ll arrange our trips to northern Arizona just to be near the café to get a piece of their pie—cherry for my husband and chocolate cream for me.”—Darcy Weirich