AAA Members drive an RV on the highway at sunset.

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September/October 2020

In this issue: How to hit the road in an RV, tips for buying a car during the pandemic, and more

A couple relax around a campfire outside their RV

Beginner's Guide to RVs

Looking for a safe way to travel? Find out how to plan your trip, select and drive an RV, and choose where to stay.

A visitor standing on the honeycombed rocks known as tafoni at Salt Point.

Fall Road Trip Along the Sonoma Coast

Experience the abundance of autumn along the Sonoma Coast, with small-town stops, scrumptious fare, and views from every angle.

solo hiker takes in the panoramic view of Mount Rainier from Pinnacle Peak Trail in Washington

Volcanoes of the West

Throughout the West, visitors are drawn to the views, trails, and adventures that surround volcanic peaks. Experience these seven majestic marvels and the charming towns that stand at their feet.

plate of pan-roasted salmon with cranberry compote, wilted greens on squash puree at Pueblo Harvest Cafe in the Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Native-Owned Restaurants in the West

Indigenous cuisine has catapulted into the mainstream. Taste the tradition at these five eateries—all of them majority Native-owned or operated—where ancestral techniques and ingredients are on full display.

AAA Members in face masks buy a new car in a dealership.

How to Buy a Car During a Pandemic

The old model of buying a car isn't viable in this new era of social distancing and extreme hygiene. Here's how to shop for your next ride online or in person.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) car on highway shoulder

7 Common Car Tech Features and What They Do

Car technology has come a long way and continues to evolve. Learn how today's top tech features work and what each of them can—and can't—do.

three packages stacked on mat at doorstep

Protect Your Home When You're Away

Leaving town for a few days (or weeks)? Make sure your home is ready.

Fisherman checking crab pots off Oregon coast

Foraging on the Oregon Coast

Berries, mushrooms, and shellfish beckon foragers to the Oregon Coast.

a red croquet mallet with a colorful croquet balls lying on grass

11 Things To Do Right Now to Prepare for Fall

Usher in the fall season with this handy to-do list.

Cyclists on road towards Mount Diablo's summit in Contra Costa County, California

Hiking in Mount Diablo State Park

Mount Diablo State Park lures hikers with diverse trails and stunning views.

Portland Oregon's Johnson Lake and waterfowl in autumn

Favorite Spots to See Fall Foliage

Dive into a sea of colorful leaves in these top spots to catch fall foliage.

driver's point-of-view, onto highway passing lane, with both hands on wheel

How to Be a Nicer Driver

Don't just follow the laws—practice proper road etiquette, too.

Hikers descend on path above California’s rocky Big Sur coast

Favorite Hiking Trails in the West

Ocean views, cool forests, and wildlife can be found on these treks in the West.

Entering keypad code on security door lock

Smart Home Devices 101

Get answers to frequently asked questions about home automation.